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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start learning English now! How can I register for classes?

It’s simple! To register, just fill out our online application here. After you finish the application online, we will email you a placement test sometime before the first day of the program that you would like to join. That placement test will help determine which level of our program will suit your skills and needs best. After you’re placed, you will receive information about how to use Microsoft Teams and how to get your books – and then you’ll be ready for class!

I am an F1 student at another school, but I want to transfer to LADO. How can I do this?

No problem! After you’ve applied to LADO and been accepted, an Admissions Officer can assist you with the process of changing schools. You will need to have your SEVIS record transferred, you will need to provide LADO with certain necessary documents, and there will be a small transfer fee. Please note: US Law requires that F1 students transferring to LADO must select an intensive program of study (Morning, Afternoon, or Evening) and will be required to start classes in the next session available.

What kind of records will I get after finishing my course with LADO?

LADO International Institute is accredited by ACCET, a highly-respected national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Upon completion of a LADO program, you will receive a transcript and a certificate demonstrating your achievement in English. The transcript will also include the dates of your program, your grades, and the number of Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in English that you have earned at LADO. If needed, you can use this transcript to verify to your employer, your Au Pair agency, etc. that you have fulfilled your credit requirements in English education.

I need to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Do you have a program to help with that?

Yes, we do! All of our advanced ESL programs prepare you for the Academic English needed for the TOEFL exam, and each of our upper levels (7-10) give you a chance to focus on the skill groups that are the most difficult for you (reading, writing, listening, or speaking). Additionally, if your English level is quite advanced, you may join our TOEFL Preparation Course, in which you will take practice TOEFL tests, learn advanced vocabulary and test-taking strategies, and push your English to its limits.

What is TEFL? Am I too old/too young to take part in the TEFL Certificate Program?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is teaching English to people who do not speak English as their first language. Many people use their TEFL certificate abroad, but the need for this type of instruction here in the United States is expanding every day. After all, TEFL is what LADO does every day, and has been doing for over 40 years! Other acronyms like TESOL, TESL, & CELTA are also in use and refer to the same or similar educational fields. Our TEFL Certificate program is a great opportunity for people of all ages, from recent college grads to retirees looking for a new career. Each session includes people from many different backgrounds with one common goal: learning how to teach ESL.

Do you have more questions about immigration, visa requirements, financial requirements, change of status, etc.?

We understand that coming to the United States, dealing with visa procedures, and generally being an international student can be a difficult and confusing process. Here at LADO, we are happy to help guide you through these tricky situations. For more Frequently Asked Questions, please click here, or apply now to be put into contact with an Admissions Officer directly. We are here for you!

What will I need to take an online or hybrid class? 

You will need a computer, phone or tablet. Online and hybrid classes are conducted using Microsoft TEAMS. You can download the Microsoft TEAMS app on your mobile or desktop device for free.

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