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Your new career is just a click away! Whether you are looking for a fresh start, a chance to work & travel overseas, or an opportunity to improve your teaching skills, the LADO TEFL Certificate is your ticket to success.

What makes us different?

With LADO’s TEFL Certificate, you get 135 hours of instruction and hands-on practice with expert teachers in the field of English-language instruction. Other TEFL programs provide you with a short practicum & send you into the classroom feeling unprepared. At LADO, however, we believe that “practice makes perfect” — which is why our TEFL program gives you at least 10 hours of guided teaching with real ESL students. From classroom management strategies to grammar instruction and everything in between, you and your classmates will learn and implement modern ESL teaching strategies — and when you leave, you’ll carry with you one of the most well-respected TEFL certificates on the market.

Intensive Program

With LADO’s  TEFL Certificate Intensive Program, you’ll be learning with your teacher trainer every

Monday to Thursday. Each course lasts for 4 weeks, for a total of 135 hours.

That’s an entire course designed for you to be able to go to work

and still earn your TEFL certificate in 1 month!

We have an upcoming date for our TEFL course,

contact us to be part of this course:

June 26th-July 23rd.  


Time: 09:00am - 4:30pm (in-person).

13.5 CEUs/135 hours.

Join Us!!!

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