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2 Day Intensive

Ideal for F-1 students seeking to condense a regular 5-day schedule into a 2-day schedule, and still comply with the SEVIS-required 18 hours per week.

Morning Intensive

Perfect for F1 students  & anyone hoping for a full-time English immersion experience. Our most popular program, the Morning Intensive program lets you become a full-time. student on a standard school schedule.

Afternoon Intensive

Great for busy parents, au pairs, & anyone who prefers to have their mornings & evenings free! Popular choice for F1 students. Affordable tuition, so you can get a great deal AND achieve your goals

Evening Intensive

Do your studying at night & have your entire day free!

Popular choice for “night-owl” F1 students. Same accelerated pace: The perfect option for a student with a busy day!

Morning Semi-Intensive

Best option to free your afternoons and evenings!

You also have all Fridays for yourself!

Afternoon Semi-Intensive

Not a morning person, and want the night free, we got your back, we have afternoon classes as well! Best option to free your morning and evenings! You also have all Fridays for yourself!

Evening Semi-Intensive

Work during the day, learn English at night! Preferred option for busy professionals. Keep your Friday nights for yourself!

Private Tutorials

Specialized instruction to fit your needs!

• 1-on-1 practice & correction with a trained LADO teacher. • Design your own schedule; set your own pace. • Available in English or Spanish.

                   Completely virtual & in real time, so you can talk with your 

teacher face-to-face and never need to leave your own home!

Possible topics include:

• Professional English • TOEFL/IELTS exam prep. • Speaking & listening practice

• Academic English • Accent reduction lessons • And much more!

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