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Camila Viteri - Colombia

LADO supports me, and the experience with virtual class was really interesting. We studied in small groups so all the students could participate and we talked a lot every class! Now, I miss my meetings and my teacher.

Salina Khanna - USA

I have learned many lessons by being here. It has taught me how to improve my English communication skills and how to perfect my other languages, too. I have also earned a LADO TEFL Certificate, learned about many people, and been surrounded by so many different cultures. I am fortunate to have found LADO.

Erna Indaryati - Indonesia

They helped me a lot with grammar, writing, and speaking. You have the best teachers ever. If not because of LADO, I wouldn’t have gotten the job at the US Embassy in Cambodia that required me to use a lot of English grammar and writing. It was a big change for my career.

Thank you so much, Lado International!

Akhtar Khan- Pakistan

Learning a new language is always considered an uphill struggle, but at LADO, it's just a piece of cake. Join us and give it a try!

Ariane Giraldes - Brazil

I’ve been living in the USA for one and a half years as an au pair. I was feeling a bit stuck with my English: I felt that it was good enough to communicate but I wanted to improve. What I have to say right now is that I achieved my goal. I had a great experience. My teacher, Daniel, was the best I ever had. I’m really satisfied with my improvement and with everything I learned.

Tiger Nemir- Saudi Arabia

It's my pleasure to say that LADO was an amazing experience for me, and I've learned a lot thanks to my teachers. Also, the whole staff over there is so generous and I'm glad that I met them.

Thank you all for everything.

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